When you trust your investments with 1ST Financial Centre, you get the benefit of being able to invest with all of the top banks and financial institutions, including credit unions, without having to shop around for the best rate. You automatically get a preferred broker rate for your hard earned money to grow even faster.

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At 1st Financial Centre we are committed to offering independent, expert financial advice to all of our clients. We offer a wide range of products and services from: GICs, RRSPs, RESPs, Life Insurance, Individual Health and Dental, and group Insurance.

You will receive over 40 years of combined expertise to manage your individual financial needs. Our professionals Karsten Doose CFP, RDA and Tom Rowett BA, RDA will assist you in developing a plan which will enable you to reach your financial goals.


Specializing in forensic accounting, analyzing and disecting your accounts to maximize your tax savings, corporate or fixed income.

All Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Income Tax Preperation - Personal, Corporate, Sole Proprietorship, Trust, Farm and American

Computerized Accounting Services, Government Remittances, HST, Payroll, WSIB, Government Issues, CRA Audits/Appeals, Tax Strategies, Budgets and Tax Plans


Finding a great mortgage can be stressful and time-consuming…But at CENTUM Canada, we've been successfully delivering the best rate for tens of thousands of satisfied clients for nearly a decade.

Finding the right mortgage for you is our business. We know which lenders have the best rates and we negotiate with multiple lenders at one time. What's more, we know the system and have the industry knowledge required to present a proposal for financing to lenders to successfully obtain mortgage financing, and we do all the paperwork. Plus, CENTUM Mortgage Professionals are compensated by the lenders, and in most cases we offer our services free of charge to our clients.


1st Financial Centre has built up a very good relationship with many Lawyers that will make their services available to you at very competitive rates. We will provide you with a referral to a Lawyer that will assist you in fullfilling your requirements.

Estate Planning

Many people think that estate planning is something that only the elderly need to think about. But if you have family members who depend on you, then the reality is that it's never too early to start planning your estate. At 1FC Insurance Inc, we're here to help you make the right decisions for your estate and your family. Our estate planning services in Port Perry, ON are designed to offer you the peace of mind you deserve, no matter your age or the state of your health.

Life Insurance

Contact 1FC Insurance Inc, a Port Perry, ON, life insurance company, if you want to protect your family with life insurance coverage. Even though you may not want to think about the topic of life insurance, it's wise to be prepared. In case of an unfortunate and unexpected event, insurance coverage can provide your spouse and children with the monetary protection they need. Choose from insurance policies representing various amounts of coverage. If you are a younger person, you may find affordable coverage for a lower monthly premium.


With so much financial turmoil and tumult in the markets today, many investors are looking for sound returns and good fundamentals. At 1FC Insurance Inc, we believe that few products can compete with an annuity; and the investment professionals at 1FC Insurance Inc in Port Perry, ON can help guide you along the path to financial independence.

Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness can be financially devastating. At 1FC Insurance Inc in Port Perry, ON, we provide coverage for illness-related expenses not normally covered by standard medical insurance.

Disability Insurance

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. But an injury can do more than just impact your physical wellbeing; it can also affect you financially. So if you're looking to protect yourself from monetary loss resulting from an injury or accident, come to 1FC Insurance Inc to learn more about our disability insurance plans.

Financial Planning

Some people think that financial planning is only for the wealthy, but at 1FC Insurance Inc, we believe that everyone can benefit from our financial planning services. That's why we're pleased to offer a number of financial planning programs for residents of Port Perry, ON and the surrounding areas.

Group Health Insurance

Contact 1FC Insurance Inc, a Port Perry, ON, group health insurance provider, if you want to provide your employees with affordable group health insurance coverage. Group health insurance coverage provides workers with the coverage they need at discounted prices. Since group health insurance rates rely on the number of individuals enrolled, you can provide employees with health insurance premiums they can afford to pay.

Segregated Funds

Properly planning your investment-related moves is a key component of securing your financial future. So if you’re looking to make smart financial decisions that will serve you well in the long run, it pays to seek professional advice from 1FC Insurance Inc and learn how segregated funds can help you achieve financial stability.